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Memory Upgrade Modules for Cisco® 3660 Series Routers

Cisco® 3660 series router have two 168-pin memory expansion sockets that support up to 256MB. The two memory expansion sockets, marked Bank 0 and Bank 1, are shown in the illustration in Bank 0. Both sockets will support Kingston's 32, 64, and 128MB modules; however, if you mix capacities, the higher capacity module must always be installed in Bank 0 (e.g., if you are installing a 128MB module and a 32MB module, the 128MB module must be installed in Bank 0).


1. Place your router's power switch in the off position.

2. Following the instructions in your Cisco® 3660 Series Hardware Installation Guide, locate the two 168-pin memory expansions sockets.

3.If the module currently installed Bank 0 is smaller (less capacity) than the module you are installing, remove the smaller module from Bank 0. To remove the smaller module, use the ejector tabs located at the each end of the socket. By pressing down on the ejector tabs, the module will pop-up from the socket and it can be removed.

Remember: If you are mixing modules of different capacities, the larger capacity module must be always be installed in Bank 0.

4. Insert the module into the expansion socket. The module is keyed to the socket, whcih ensures the module can be plugged into the socket one way only. Once the module is properly aligned with the socket, firmly press the module into position, making certain the module is completely seated in the socket. Follow this same procedure when installing a module into the second socket (if applicable).

5. Once the module or modules have been installed, close the router as described in your Cisco® 3660 Series Hardware Installation Guide.

6.To determine if the newly installed memory is recognized, make sure the router is in the privileged EXEC mode. From the Router# prompt, type show version. A text message similat to the following will be displayed:

  Cisco® 3660 (R527x) processor (revision 0x00) with 24576k/8192k bytes of memory.


Memory Upgrade Modules for Cisco® 3660 Series Routers