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CiscoŽ 7200 Series Routers

Kingston TechnologyĆ manufactures four PC Card flash storage upgrades, KCS-FC7200/8 (8MB), KCS-FC7200/16 (16MB), KCS-FC7200/20 (20MB), and KCS-FC7200/40 (40MB), for CiscoŽĆ 7200 series routers. 7200 series routers have two flash storage card expansion slots.


Before this flash storage card can be used, IT MUST BE FORMATTED. The information below outlines the format procedure. For more detailed information, see your CiscoŽ documentation.

1. Attach a terminal (or a notebook configured for ěHyper Terminal" operation) to your CiscoŽ router.

2.Power-up the router and wait for the ěRouter (boot)>" prompt to be displayed on the CRT.

3. With the Kingston logo facing up, insert your flash card into the routerís Slot0 or Slot1 flash expansion slot.

4.From the ěRouter (boot)>" prompt, type show flash and press Enter .

5. An unformatted card will display the following error: "Open device Slot0 (or Slot1) failed (Bad device Info Block)"

6. To begin the format process, type enable and press Enter , which places you in supervisor mode and will display the "#" prompt.

7. From the "#" prompt, type format slot0: and press Enter . The program will display the following prompt: All sectors will be erased (y/n)? Type "Y" and press Enter . The formatting process will begin, starting with the highest sector number counting
down to 0.

8. Once the format process is complete, the program will prompt you to enter a "Volume ID," which can be up to 31 characters. This is optional; you can enter a volume ID or leave the field blank and press Enter .

9. To verify the card has been properly formatted, type show flash and press Enter . If the card is formatted properly, its capacity will be displayed. For example, an 8MB card will display the following: "7995392 bytes available (0 bytes used)"

10. Your Kingston flash card is now ready for use and can be loaded with the appropriate data. If desired, the flash storage card can be write-protected by sliding the switch to the right as shown in the illustration.

Cisco® 7200 Series Routers