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Memory Installation Guide for CiscoŽ

CiscoŽ 7500/7000 Series VIP2-50

Kingston TechnologyÆ manufactures two memory upgrade modules, KCS-VIP250D/64 (64MB) and KCS-VIP250D/128 (128MB), for the CiscoŽ 7500/7000 Series VIP2-50. The 7500/7000 Series VIP2-50 has a single 200-pin memory expansion socket, which as shipped by the factory includes a 32MB module. Memory can be expanded to 128MB via the installation of Kingston's KCS-VIP250D/128 module.

Memory Installation:

1. To access the 200-pin memory expansion socket, follow the instructions in your CiscoŽ 7500/7000 Series VIP2-50 User's Guide.

2. The 200-pin memory expansion socket is keyed to the memory expansion module. This ensures the correct module to expansion socket orientation. Insert the module into the socket as shown in the illustration. With the module and socket properly aligned, seat the module completely into the socket.

Note: If you are having problems getting the module to fit properly into the socket, stop and examine both the socket and the module. Make sure the
keyed notches in the module are properly aligned with the corresponding keys in the memory expansion socket.

3. Once you have installed your new Kingston module, close the router and replace any cables disconnected during the installation process.

Cisco® 7500/7000 Series VIP2-50