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Memory Installation Guide for Cisco®

Cisco® Catalyst 5000 Supervisor Engine 1

Kingston TechnologyÆ manufactures a 16MB module, KCS-C5K/16 (16MB), for Cisco®Catalyst 5000 Supervisor Engine 1 series routers (models WS-X5005, WS-X5006, and WSX5009). The Catalyst 5000 Supervisor Engine 1 comes standard with 4MB of non-removable memory and has one 72-pin DRAM memory expansion socket that allows for a maximum memory capacity of 20MB (4MB Non-Removable + 16MB expansion memory = 20MB).

Note: In order to use Kingstonís KCS-C5K/16 module, the WS-X5009 Model must be revision 1.7 or higher. Earlier versions of the WS-X5009 (revision 1.6 or earlier) are not compatible with Kingstonís 16MB module and you must order Cisco®ís custom part, MEM-C5K-16M-CUSTOM=. The printed circuit board on the WS-X5009 has an identification number located on the middle, right edge of the PCB. If your number falls between 73-1414-01 through 73-1414-08, you will need to order the custom part from Cisco®.

All versions of the WS-X5005 and WS-X5006 are compatible with Kingstonís KCS-C5K/16 memory module.


1. Place your router's power switch in the off position.

2.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual that describe how to locate the routerís memory expansion socket.

3. As shown in the illustration, the module and the expansion socket are keyed. A small plastic bridge in the socket must align with the curved notch in the module. The bridge ensures the module can only be plugged into the socket one-way.

4.Insert the module into the socket at a slight angle. Make sure the module is completely seated in the socket. If you're having problems inserting the module into the socket, stop and examine both the module and the socket; make sure the notch in the module is properly aligned with keyed plastic bridge in the socket. Do not force the module into the socket. If too much force is used, both the socket and module could be damaged.

5. Once you are satisfied the module is seated properly in the socket, rotate the module upward until the clips at each end of the expansion socket click into place.

6. After the module has been installed, close the router plug in the AC power cord, and reinstall any other cables that may have been disconnected during the installation process.

Cisco® Catalyst 5000 Supervisor Engine 1