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Memory Installation Guide for Cisco®

Flash Memory Upgrade Modules for Cisco® 4500, 4500-M, 4700, and 4700-M Series Routers

Cisco® 4700, 4700-M, and 4500-M series routers have two flash memory sockets. One socket contains the factory installed 4MB flash module and the other socket will be empty. The router supports flash modules in combinations up to 32MB (i.e., maximum flash memory capacity can be reached using two Kingston KCS-F4500/16 flash modules).


1. Place your router's power switch in the off position.

2. Following the instructions in your Cisco® Owner's Guide that describes how to locate your router's flash memory expansion sockets.

3. Before touching any electonic components or opening the package containing your new module(s), make sure you first touch an unpainted grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity you may have stored on your body or clothing.

4.Handle your new module(s) carefully; do not flex or bend the module(s). Always grasp the module by its edges.

5. As shown in the illustration, the module and the expansion sockets are keyed. A small plastic bridge in the socket must align with the curved notch in the module. The bridge insures the module can only be plugged into the scoket one-way.
   Note: The illustration shows a vertical (90 degree) memory expansion socket. Some motherboards have memory expansion sockets angled at 30 or 45 degree. However, the basic module installation procedure is the same for both vertical and angled memory expansion sockets.

6. Insert the module into the socket at a slight angle. Make sure the module is completely seated in the socket. If you're having problems inserting the module into the socket, stop and examine both the module and the socket; make sure the notch in the module is properly aligned with keyed plastic bridge in the socket. Do not force the module into the socket. If too much force is used, both the socket and module could be damaged.

7. Once you are satisfied the module is seated properly in the socket, rotate the module upwars until the clips at each end of the expansion socket click into place.

8. After all modules have been installed, close the router, plug in the AC power cord, and reinstall any other cables that may have been disconnected during the installation process.


Flash Memory Upgrade Modules for Cisco® 4500, 4500-M, 4700, and 4700-M Series Routers