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Miniature Flash Card for Cisco® 800 Series Routers

Kingston Technology manufactures the KCS-FM800/8 (8MB) Miniature Flash Card (Mini-Flash Card) for Cisco® 800series routers. The 800 series router comes standard with 8MB flash memory (4MB non-removable and a factory installed 4MB Miniature Flash Card). To upgrade the flash memory to 12MB, you must remove the 4MB Miniature Flash Card and replace it with Kingston's 8MB card.


1. Place your router's power switch in the off position.

2. Following the instructions in your Cisco® Owner's Guide, remove the router's top cover. With the cover removed the Miniature Flash socket will be clearly visible.

3. Remove the 4MB Miniature Flash Card by pulling back on the release lever. The step #2 illustration shows the location of the release lever.

4. Install your new Kingston card as shown in the illustration. Once the card has been installed, replace the router's top cover.

5. With the card installed, it can then be loaded with the appropriate program information. See your Cisco® owner's manual for more information.

Miniature Flash Card for Cisco® 800 Series Routers