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PC Card Flash Storage for Cisco® 1600 Series Routers

Cisco® 1600 series routers have one PC card flash storage slot. 1600 series routers supports one 8 or 16MB PC Card flash storage card.


1. Place your router's power switch in the off position.

2. The single PC Card flash storage slot is located on the router's front panel.

3. Handle your new PC Card carefully; do not flex or bend the card. Always grasp the card by its edges.

4. Always insert the PC Cars into the expansion slot with the Kingston logo facing up as shown in the illustration.

5. Continue sliding the card into the slot until it seats into the router's PC card connector. When the card is properly seated in the mating connector, the card ejector button will pop out. If you need to remove the card, simply press the ejector button.

6.Once the PC Card has been installed, it can then be loaded with the approperiate program information.

PC Card Flash Storage for Cisco® 1600 Series Routers