Cisco Memory Upgrade

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Cisco Versatile Interface Processor-VIP Memory

Cisco VIP2-15 to VIP2-40 Upgrade (p/n VIP2-15/40-UPG=) -

This includes 64MB of Memory and 2MB of cache. This will upgrade the VIP2-10, VIP2-15 or VIP2-20 to a VIP2-40.
Equivalent OEM part numbers: VIP2-10/40-UPG=, VIP2-20/40-UPG=, VIP2-15/40-UPG=
Compatible machine list: 7500/7000 Series VIP2-40

Size: 64MB Brand: PNY PD Setting: None
Pin Count: 72 Warranty: Lifetime Mode: FPM
Dimensions(mm): Condition: New Voltage: 5.0
Lead type: Solder Finger Kit Qty: 2 Refresh: 2K
Form factor: SIMM Label: Part Number Label Buffering: not applicable
Spec: 8 Mb X 36 - 60ns Ship Weight(lbs): .3 Error Correction: Parity